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School is CLOSED until Monday 2nd November. Enjoy the extended Half-Term break!



To the important people – the girls and boys of Meadow Bridge

Hello and Welcome!

Whether you’re starting P1, commencing P7 or joining any class in-between, I am so pleased and excited to be welcoming you.  We have all really missed seeing you, helping you, working with you, listening to you, laughing with you, looking out for you, celebrating with you, learning with you and watching you grow and develop into the amazing and wonderful children we know!

Whatever year group you are starting, whatever class you are in, whatever teacher and classroom assistant you have, remember this: you are as important as anyone else; you can achieve mighty things; you can be incredible as an individual and as a team member; and, if you put your mind to it, there is no-one in the whole, wide world who can stop you achieving your goal, becoming the person you want to be, and making your dreams come true! 

So, make a fresh start, follow the new rules I have put in place to keep everyone safe, and enjoy every minute of your year at Meadow Bridge. 


Mr Good

August 2020


Information from Education Authority: New claimants can apply online or complete a paper form. Existing claimants renewing application should apply by completing the pre-populated form posted to them.

Complete form in full & submit verification documentation. For more information visit: eani.org.uk/fsm


 Starting Dates: 

P7 (both classes): MONDAY 24 AUGUST 2020 9.10am 1.30pm daily

Please note that school meals will not resume until 1 September. P7 children should bring a packed lunch each day during this first week back.  

P3 P6 children: TUESDAY 1 SEPTEMBER 2020

P2 children: THURSDAY 3 SEPTEMBER 2020

New P1 children: MONDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2020


Class 'Bubbles' Dismissal Times:

P1; P1/2; P2                  1.30pm

P3; P3/4; P4                  2.00pm

P5; P5/6; P6                  2.50pm

P7G; P7McQ                   3.00pm


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Keep up to date with all the details of the 2020-21 House Competition here. 

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School Library Service

The Lisburn Mobile Library Van will be visiting school every other Friday from 1:30 - 2:30pm. 

This service is available for parents to accompany their child in order to choose books.

Thank you for showing an interest in Meadow Bridge Primary School. The aim of this website is to give you a greater insight into the ethos and day to day life of our school. Whether you already have a child at Meadow Bridge, are interested in a place for your child or are just curious about life in our school, you are equally welcome.

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