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We had a special outdoor Assembly on Friday 25th June to celebrate the primary school careers of our special Primary 7 Leavers and the teaching career of our departing Principal, the wonderful Mr. Good.

Mr. Good left a powerful message for the Primary 7s as they prepare to transition to secondary education, as well as a reminder for the entire school that whenever we face new things, we can find peace in Jesus as it says in the Bible.

A number of presentations were made to Mr. Good:
- A book of memories from our PTA that combined entries from the Meadow Bridge School community both present and past.
- A tie that was hand-drawn and designed by a pupil and turned into a real item of clothing for Mr. Good to wear.
- A book of pupil portraits of Mr. Good with the winning entry placed on the front cover.
- A piece of artwork featuring the fingerprint of every child in the school and transformed into a musical note.
- A cheque of donations that were made by the parents, friends and families of Meadow Bridge Primary School over the years.
- A red badge, a special item that only is given to those who leave Meadow Bridge prematurely and it's a token for them to remember the school by.

An emotional, unique and memorable Assembly for our Principal who has guided and encouraged the entirety of Meadow Bridge with passion, enthusiasm and love since its beginning in 2003.

We will miss you Mr. Good!


Congratulations to Ash House that have won our annual House Competition.

The winning House Captain and Vice-House Captain, Ethan K and Ethan C received the trophy on behalf of Ash House and all children enjoyed a special treat of a visit from the ice-cream van and extra play time outside in their class bubbles.

A massive well done to all of our P.3-P.7 boys and girls this year for participating so well and earning House Points for outstanding work, amazing achievements and special effort throughout this school year.

Our entire school had a wonderful afternoon at 'Midge's Multicoloured Mayhem' on Wednesday 23rd June. The PTA of Meadow Bridge had organised an obstacle course, colour station and class relay set for each class 'bubble' to compete in.

It was a fantastic day of fun, colour and excitement for our boys and girls and as you can see from the photos below, there were plenty of messy, smiling faces by the end of the day.

A massive thank-you must go to our PTA who carried out a sterling job of organising this whole school event and thank you to our parents who safely got our freshly painted pupils home.

We have had a wonderful week celebrating our retiring Principal Mr. Good. We've had a special Assembly, a number of classroom visits, Afternoon Teas and other fun activities for our pupils to take part in.

One of our main events was holding a 'Picnic in the Playground' where Mr. Good came and joined our class bubbles for our lunch outside. We hope you enjoy seeing the photos below.

Applications for Free School Meals/School Uniform/Physical Education Clothing Allowance can now be made online for School Year 2021/22. All parents and guardians, including new applicants will need to apply online.

You STILL need to apply if you have done so in previous years.
Please visit https://www.eani.org.uk/financial-help/free-school-meals-uniform-grants/apply-for-free-school-meals-uniform-grants to apply. You will also find more information about the process and required information at this link.

The Education Authority also have a dedicated helpdesk if you have any queries or difficulties accessing the online application. This helpdesk can be contacted on 02890 418044 from 9:00am to 4:30pm or you can email mealsanduniform@eani.org.uk

Please see the image below for any additional information.




Please follow the link above to access the Parenting NI website. This website has recently been updated and contains lots of valuable resources, videos and courses. 

'Parenting NI firmly believes that the best and most effective way to support children is by supporting those who parent them.

Parenting NI is committed to supporting all parents and ensuring that their voices are heard whenever decisions are made that will affect them.'

 We hope you find this useful for use at home during this period.

The Meadow Bridge Primary School PTA have created a special activity that any budding cooks or bakers could get involved with over the next few days.

Have a read at the information below to see how you could get involved and potentially feature in a Meadow Bridge Cook Book!

P.1s commencing in September 2021

As restrictions constantly change and January seems a little uncertain, we will be unable to open our doors for any visits.

Mr Good is hoping to host a prospective P1 Zoom meeting on Friday 8 January at 7.00pm when he will give an introduction to the school and answer as many questions as he can. If you would like to be part of this event and/or have a question you would like answered, please email ewoods742@c2kni.net.

Enrolment for next year opens through a portal at www.eani.org.uk on Thursday 7 January at 12.00noon where you will also find published admissions criteria.

RISENI Parent Website


Please follow the link above to access the RISENI website developed for parents.

The website is for the parents and carers of children in mainstream nurseries and primary schools (up to P4). It promotes development of:

• speech and language

• fine and gross motor skills

• social and emotional well-being

The RISENI website has information leaflets, suggested activities/ resources and parent training videos developed by clinical psychologists, behaviour therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and physiotherapists.

We hope you find this useful for use at home during this period.



We would like to wish every child, parent and member of our wider school community a peaceful and joyful Christmas. 

Thank you for your unwavering support during a different, and sometimes difficult, first term. We hope everyone keeps safe and healthy over our Christmas break.

We look forward to seeing everyone return to Meadow Bridge on Tuesday 5th January. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
The image below was taken by the talented Mr. Clarke who took each photo individually and compiled them to create our Meadow Bridge Staff photo for this Christmas time. 


Well done to all of our winners from the recent ‘Design your own Christmas Jumper’ competition. We took part in this during our very own Christmas Jumper Day and there were a wide range of colourful designs and creative approaches to this festive task. Congratulations to:

P.1McC – Conor and Eliza                 P.1/2W – Pippa and James

P.2N – Cillian and Kate                    P.3McF – Zara and Zac

P.3/4A – Matthew and Sofia             P.4S – Zara and Toby

P.5C – Annabelle and Aran               P.5/6Cl – Oscar and Sophie

P.6McC – Izzy and Scott                   P.7G – Jamie and Paige

P.7McQ – Daisy and Joshua


We had a wonderful ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ in Meadow Bridge on Wednesday 9th December. Thank you to all of the boys and girls for wearing their festive jumpers, t-shirts and accessories.

In spite of all the differences this year, it was lovely for our children to begin the celebrations of the season. We were able to raise a fantastic amount for a great cause – thank you to all of our families for your support.

We hope you enjoy the gallery below which features each class in our school.


Well done to the winners of our ‘Draw Your Own Teacher’ House Competition. There was a plethora of colourful and creative entries, thank you to everyone for participating and entering the competition. The House and Vice-House Captains went through all of the entries from their House and selected their shortlist, from which a small panel of teachers decided the winning entries.

Congratulations to:
Elliott from P.3 Mr. McFarland (Willow)

Emily from P.3/P.4 Mrs. Adair (Oak)

Ellie from P.4 Ms. Stirling (Hazel)

Lydia from P.5 Miss Campbell (Oak)

Faith from P.5/P.6 Mr. Clarke (Oak)

Isaac from P.6 Mr. McCollum (Ash)

Rory from P.7 Mrs. George (Hazel)

Rachel from P.7 Mr. McQuitty (Oak)

Each winner has been awarded 25 House Points – congratulations everyone!

Mr Good has very kindly agreed to allow us to run an Elf Shelf within our class bubbles during school on Friday 11 December. 

This year, there will be no long queue in the corridor for parents to endure and, even better, we aren’t asking parents to supply items for the Elf Shelf. All you need to do is go to the ‘Shop’ section of the School Money system and purchase an Elf Shelf item for £2.

Your child will then be able to choose and wrap a present (from the selection in their classroom) for whoever they would like (with a limit of TWO Elf Shelf items per child). 

Elf Shelf orders must be placed on the School Money system by 11.59pm on Thursday 3 December to allow our Elves time to stack the shelves.

All of the pupils and staff in Meadow Bridge took part in 'Odd Socks Day' as part of Anti-Bullying Week on Monday 16th November.

The range of colours and designs were fantastic – a reminder that we’re to embrace all of our differences and respect what makes each individual in Meadow Bridge unique. We had an enjoyable day of activities to highlight the theme of the week ‘United Against Bullying’.


Meadow Bridge Primary School will be taking part in ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ on Monday 16th – Friday 20th November.  The theme for this year is ‘United Against Bullying’ and we look forward to discussing this in our classrooms and your children will have the opportunity to take part in activities that celebrate difference, promote positivity and recognise respect.



To the important people – the girls and boys of Meadow Bridge

Hello and Welcome!

Whether you’re starting P1, commencing P7 or joining any class in-between, I am so pleased and excited to be welcoming you.  We have all really missed seeing you, helping you, working with you, listening to you, laughing with you, looking out for you, celebrating with you, learning with you and watching you grow and develop into the amazing and wonderful children we know!

Whatever year group you are starting, whatever class you are in, whatever teacher and classroom assistant you have, remember this: you are as important as anyone else; you can achieve mighty things; you can be incredible as an individual and as a team member; and, if you put your mind to it, there is no-one in the whole, wide world who can stop you achieving your goal, becoming the person you want to be, and making your dreams come true! 

So, make a fresh start, follow the new rules I have put in place to keep everyone safe, and enjoy every minute of your year at Meadow Bridge. 


Mr Good

August 2020


Information from Education Authority: New claimants can apply online or complete a paper form. Existing claimants renewing application should apply by completing the pre-populated form posted to them.

Complete form in full & submit verification documentation. For more information visit: eani.org.uk/fsm


 Starting Dates: 

P7 (both classes): MONDAY 24 AUGUST 2020 9.10am 1.30pm daily

Please note that school meals will not resume until 1 September. P7 children should bring a packed lunch each day during this first week back.  

P3 P6 children: TUESDAY 1 SEPTEMBER 2020

P2 children: THURSDAY 3 SEPTEMBER 2020

New P1 children: MONDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2020


Class 'Bubbles' Dismissal Times:

P1; P1/2; P2                  1.30pm

P3; P3/4; P4                  2.00pm

P5; P5/6; P6                  2.50pm

P7G; P7McQ                   3.00pm


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