Primary 6 - Mr mCcollum

Welcome to Mr McCollum's Primary 6 class!

Whenever you enter Classroom 8, you're entering a room where you become writers and journalists, mathematicians and data analysts, scientists and computer programmers, illustrators and musicians. You become a teammate, a friend, a teacher to others, a motivator and an achiever.

We can't wait to share our year in Primary 6 with you on this class page, we hope you learn a lot and enjoy seeing how we progress. Remember, 'learning is not a spectator sport', so let's get stuck in!

Sports Day 2021

We had a fabulous morning at our Key Stage 2 Sports Day. Every Primary 6 took part in the right spirit with the correct attitude.

We had a lot of fun, shouting and cheering for our friends and trying our best in the various races. We had a lovely sunny morning but missed having our parents as spectators!

Spelling Sentences

Every Tuesday the Primary 6s spend some time practising their spellings for the week. We create our own spelling sentences and then test a partner in the class. We read the sentence and then ask three questions: 1. What was the spelling? 2. What was the spelling sound? 3. How do you spell it?

It’s great to have a noisy classroom where children are enjoying their learning and working together.

3D Shape Robots

P.6 have spent time over the last few days working with the nets of 3D shapes and using them to create their own '3D Shape Robots', each with their own unique design and style. I was very impressed with the effort and creative process that went into these!

Primary 6 studying 'Dance' in P.E

Primary 6 are proud to introduce ‘The Meadow Bridge Circle’. Today was the first in our series of lessons on ‘Dance’ in P.E and we will be focusing on various jigs and reels in the coming weeks. It was a very active session, plenty of rosy cheeks by the end of our lesson!

Numeracy Board Games

P.6 have enjoyed playing with these various games in groups of four this afternoon. A fun, interactive way of reinforcing some key skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word problems, fractions and more! It was great to hear a lot of friendly competitiveness and application of prior Numeracy learning too!

Art - van Gogh's Daffodils

Our P.6 class have spent some time studying the work of van Gogh and creating their own versions of his famous painting 'Sunflowers'. All of the boys and girls have revelled in their creative task and it's been brilliant seeing them enjoy exploring with the paint and mixing different tones.

P.D.M.U & Circle Time - Roll the Dice

Our Circle Time this morning involved rolling the dice to answer a question - we discussed things like 'what was the best thing about home-schooling?', 'what is a worry for you coming back to school?' and 'what are you looking forward to about the rest of P.6?'.

We had plenty of good discussions, chat, giggles and serious points. An excellent opportunity for talking, listening and discussing our feelings (we wrote what emotion we were feeling when we woke up this morning - to explain the stickers on our jumpers!).

We're back to School! (March 2021) - 'Social Stations'

We’ve enjoyed a fantastic morning in P.6 with Mr. McCollum’s ‘Social Stations’.

We’ve all been reacquainting ourselves and enjoying playing together. Between the Scrabble, Marble Runs, Lego, Uno and more, we’ve been interacting, communicating, engaging and learning. It’s fantastic to hear the happy voices and smiling faces back in the classroom.

Christmas Dinner Day
Yum! What a feast our Kitchen Staff provided for those boys and girls taking dinners today. We listened to some festive tunes and had a lot of fun over our Christmas lunch.

Christmas Jumper Day
Primary 6 are all looking splendid in their festive attire as we celebrated Christmas Jumper Day on Wednesday 9th December.

Thank you very much for your support to donating to ‘Save the Children’ via our School Money app.

'Positivity Puzzles' - Anti-Bullying Week in Primary 6
Primary 6 had a fantastic start to Anti-Bullying Week. On Monday we completed an activity called ‘Positivity Partners’. Children were secretly given another child’s name from the class and had to make a number of positive comments about them on jigsaw pieces. These were then secretly delivered to children’s desks and there was an opportunity to read them and construct the ‘Positivity Puzzle’. A very worthwhile exercise - as one P.6 wisely commented ‘a positive comment can go a long way’.

'Odd Socks Day' in Primary 6

Flight through the Years
Our W.A.U topic at the moment is 'Flight' and we have been learning about the history of flight through the ages. Take a look at our most recent iPad lesson - using an app called PicEdu, we were collating research and images that summarise this theme.

We researched from the very first hot air balloon flight, right up until how we fly in the modern day. Enjoy the gallery of our work below!

Homophone Poster Task
Primary 6 have been busy this morning creating a poster to show off homophones - words that sound the same but are spelt differently. Plenty of variety and different creative approaches on show, we're being careful with how we spell them and use them in a range of contexts. Top stuff P.6!

Invasion Games in P.E
A busy P.E lesson for our Primary 6 class, we were practising our throwing using bounce, chess and under-arm passes. We worked towards playing a game of ‘Skittle Ball’ at the end which we’ll follow on with next week. With lots of physical activity and focus on our skill development, the boys and girls were ready for a sit down.

Primary 6 recreate 'The Canary'
We enjoyed a very therapeutic session of Art on Thursday. We painted Amelia Earhart’s famous plane ‘The Canary’.

'Who Am I?' - I.C.T Task
We have been creating disguises in the I.C.T Suite recently. As part of a follow-up Literacy lesson, we thought about what sort of clues to include that would help people guess our identity. Can you work out which P.6 is which? Well done to the class for a fantastic range of creative approaches and clever clues too!

Charcoal Art - The Wright Brothers
Primary 6 have been busy this afternoon creating a black and white portrait of the Wright Flyer taking flight at Kitty Hawk beach. We used charcoal and found this to be a challenging material to use, we learned a lot about using delicate strokes and how to show light and dark areas on our page.

Research in the I.C.T Suite
Primary 6 have been busy in the I.C.T Suite researching Amelia Earhart. Today we have been using two websites to find out various facts about the famous female aviator and we will look forward to making use of this work in our biography writing later next week.