Primary 6 - Mr mCcollum

Welcome to Mr McCollum's Primary 6 class!

Whenever you enter Classroom 8, you're entering a room where you become writers and journalists, mathematicians and data analysts, scientists and computer programmers, illustrators and musicians. You become a teammate, a friend, a teacher to others, a motivator and an achiever.

We can't wait to share our year in Primary 6 with you on this class page, we hope you learn a lot and enjoy seeing how we progress. Remember, 'learning is not a spectator sport', so let's get stuck in!

'Positivity Puzzles' - Anti-Bullying Week in Primary 6
Primary 6 had a fantastic start to Anti-Bullying Week. On Monday we completed an activity called ‘Positivity Partners’. Children were secretly given another child’s name from the class and had to make a number of positive comments about them on jigsaw pieces. These were then secretly delivered to children’s desks and there was an opportunity to read them and construct the ‘Positivity Puzzle’. A very worthwhile exercise - as one P.6 wisely commented ‘a positive comment can go a long way’.

'Odd Socks Day' in Primary 6

Homophone Poster Task
Primary 6 have been busy this morning creating a poster to show off homophones - words that sound the same but are spelt differently. Plenty of variety and different creative approaches on show, we're being careful with how we spell them and use them in a range of contexts. Top stuff P.6!

Invasion Games in P.E
A busy P.E lesson for our Primary 6 class, we were practising our throwing using bounce, chess and under-arm passes. We worked towards playing a game of ‘Skittle Ball’ at the end which we’ll follow on with next week. With lots of physical activity and focus on our skill development, the boys and girls were ready for a sit down.

Primary 6 recreate 'The Canary'
We enjoyed a very therapeutic session of Art on Thursday. We painted Amelia Earhart’s famous plane ‘The Canary’.

Charcoal Art - The Wright Brothers
Primary 6 have been busy this afternoon creating a black and white portrait of the Wright Flyer taking flight at Kitty Hawk beach. We used charcoal and found this to be a challenging material to use, we learned a lot about using delicate strokes and how to show light and dark areas on our page.

Research in the I.C.T Suite
Primary 6 have been busy in the I.C.T Suite researching Amelia Earhart. Today we have been using two websites to find out various facts about the famous female aviator and we will look forward to making use of this work in our biography writing later next week.