Primary 6 - Mr mCcollum

Welcome to Mr McCollum's Primary 6 class!

Whenever you enter Classroom 8, you're entering a room where you become writers and journalists, mathematicians and data analysts, scientists and computer programmers, illustrators and musicians. You become a teammate, a friend, a teacher to others, a motivator and an achiever.

We can't wait to share our year in Primary 6 with you on this class page, we hope you learn a lot and enjoy seeing how we progress. Remember, 'learning is not a spectator sport', so let's get stuck in!

Titanic Topic - Planning Session
Primary 6 have embarked on our new topic for this Term, the Titanic. Today we set sail as we considered two things, what we already knew about the famous ship and a few questions of what we would like to find out. We’re all set for an exciting learning journey together!

P.6 ‘Summer Selfies’

We had a blast showing off our photos and thinking back to some great memories from the summer. I’m sure you’ll agree the posters look amazing, well done Primary 6!

Physical Education in Primary 6
P.E involved our class beginning to think about games and ball skills. A big focus on coordination and movement today as we were using bean bags to throw, catch and travel with. A very active session!

'Friday Fun on our First Week Back'
On Friday 27th August we finished off the week by enjoying some ‘Friday Fun’ as the pupils enjoyed some time together working on some interactive games and challenges.

This was a great social opportunity for us and nice to see the children enjoying this time and building relationships ahead of the year.