Primary 5 - Miss Campbell

iPad Photo Challenge
Primary 5 had great fun completing an iPad photo challenge. There were six tasks that had to be completed, finding pictures from around the classroom then adding these in to Book Creator. They turned out brilliantly and we had a lot of fun!

'Odd Socks Day' in Primary 5

'Famous People' in Primary 5
We have been continuing on with our Famous People thematic unit - this week concentrating on Leonardo da Vinci. We have found out facts and information about this talented artist and inventor and even tried to recreate the Mona Lisa and experimented with 'mirror writing'.

Accelerated Reader begins in Primary 5
Micah and Miss Campbell demonstrated how to carry out an AR quiz in front of the P.5 class and he scored full marks.
Miss Campbell was delighted at such a great start and is looking forward to more children completing reading their books and taking quizzes to show their progress.

Primary 5 think about 'Change'
Primary 5 have enjoyed thinking about change and how sometimes changes can be when a caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly - Miss Campbell is very impressed with the artwork!