Primary 2 - Mrs Neill

'Odd Socks Day' in Primary 2

Activity Based Learning

We have been having lots of fun during Activity Based Learning sessions, both in and outside of the classroom!

We have really enjoyed learning about People who Help Us and have especially enjoyed making fire engines and pretending to be fire fighters! We have had a lot of fun building hospitals, fire stations and police stations. 

Multi-Sensory Activities 

We have had lots of fun practising our numbers, number stories, letter sounds, sight words and high frequency words using chalk on the playground and even making them out of play dough!

Numeracy in Primary 2

We have been using Numicon, number cards, counters and cubes to help us with our number stories. We have been learning to order numbers to 20, have practised our adding and have also been learning a range of new number facts. We are so organised in P2 and are learning to keep  all of our maths resources safe in our own trays!