Primary 1 - MisS McCrossan

Welcome to Miss McCrossan’s Primary 1 Class!

As the newest members of the Meadow Bridge family, we can’t wait to share our learning journey with you this year on our class page. We hope you enjoy keeping up to date with all the fun and interesting things we are doing in Classroom 2!

In our class, we always remind each other to, “try hard, be kind and have fun!”

Back to Fun in P1!

What a fantastic first few weeks back to Meadow Bridge our Primary 1s have had! Miss McCrossan and Mrs Johnston were so excited to see everyone and were amazed at all of the busy thinking and learning we have been doing! 

We have been exploring our phonics in lots of different ways, problem solving in our number work and are enjoying taking a ‘Feelings Register’ each day to check in on our emotions using ‘The Colour Monster’. We have discovered how sometimes we are feeling ‘all mixed up’ but we now know how important it is to share our thoughts and have even thought of different ways to manage our ‘tricky‘ feelings!

Christmas Jumper Day

'Odd Socks Day' in Primary 1

Anti-Bullying Week 

Primary 1 enjoyed participating in Odd Socks Day to celebrate what makes us all unique. We engaged in lots of different activities and read the book ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. We thought about the difference in being a ‘bucket filler’ and a ‘bucket dipper’ and discussed how important it is to be kind to everyone in our class. Here we are drawing different ways we could fill someone’s bucket in our school. Miss McCrossan thinks she has the most kind and caring class in the whole school! Well done P1!  

Outdoor Fun in P1!

Taking our learning outside is so exciting in Foundation Stage! We have been discovering and learning all about autumn. It has been very interesting watching the leaves change colour before falling off the trees in our school garden. Have a look at our beautiful autumn tree pictures that we created. We used duplo, cotton buds and even broccoli! We used our ‘autumn finds’ in our learning, too! We sorted for size, shape and colour and even built some of our high frequency words. Did you know our school also has an a-a-apple tree? Check out the pictures of our a-a-apple a-a-adventure!

Number Time  

Who knew number work could be so much fun? Sorting boxes have been a big hit in P1, we love sorting random objects for shape, colour and size. Sometimes we even incorporate our maths activities during PE in the big hall! Learning how to make sets and shapes has required lots of ‘concentrating’, which we are really good at! We especially love all the songs and rhymes we sing during number time; these have really helped us to learn how to form our numbers.  

‘One is fun, straight down and then you’re done’ ‘Around and back on a railroad track, you made a two just like that!’ 

Super Soundman, What’s Our Sound? 

Each week we get very excited to see which clues ‘Super Soundman’ has sent us in his special box. These help us to discover our ‘Sound of the Week’ which we then explore in lots of different ways. Check out the photos below to see some of the multisensory activities and games we have had fun playing. We even made ‘s s sizzling s s sausages’ and listened to ‘p p popcorn p p popping’ in the microwave! Our favourite activity is becoming investigators and going on a ‘Super Sound Hunt’. We even wear our LOOK glasses to help us LOOK! 

Incredible Me and the Superheroes Who Help Me! 

Primary 1 have begun the year by thinking about ‘Incredible Me and the Superheroes Who Help Me’. We have been learning about how unique we all are and have been wondering who can help us when we are in need. Learning about firefighters was a popular topic in our class and we have come up with the most wonderful ideas to make our resources for Play Based Learning. Miss McCrossan wasn’t quite sure how we would make a ‘fire engine that we could climb into’ but with lots of teamwork and all hands on deck, we got there in the end! Fighting fires is exciting!

Our First Days! 

We have been such busy bees since starting school in September and are really enjoying getting to know each other better each day. We have been exploring our new school both inside and outside and have been engaging in lots of different activities. We have been learning lots about The Colour Monster and have been discussing how we feel, even when our thoughts are confusing. Can you spot all the different feelings the Colour Monster has? Did you know we have them too?! Sometimes, we can even feel all of these things at once!

Meet Primary 1!

Look at how smart we look on our very first day at Meadow Bridge.