Primary 7 - Mrs George

Welcome to Primary 7!

Our teacher is Mrs. George.

Rocket Technology

Last Friday, we really enjoyed a technology challenge. We designed and made rockets with our partners. We were only allowed to use specific materials which made it a real challenge and we were only given 1 m of sellotape. If we needed extra sellotape we lost some points off our overall score.


It was great fun when we launched our rockets and the winning one travelled an amazing 1305cm! Which rocket do you think travelled the furthest?

Animation Topic Work

We are very busy planning for our animation which will fit in with either our Space or Victorian topic.

Today we started making our characters with modelling clay, ensuring to think carefully about the size, shape, movement, stability and style. We look forward to putting it all together.

PDMU in Primary 7

We are delighted to be back together after lockdown. Circle time has been a great way to find out about what we have enjoyed/ learned during lockdown, what we are looking forward to now that we are back in school and what we could be worried about.


Outdoors was the perfect location for this activity. We have also enjoyed working collaboratively to put together a bright and colourful rainbow in our classroom. 

'Odd Socks Day' in Primary 7

The Solar System
Our topic is all about Space. So far, we have been finding out about all the different planets. We made posters based on their distance from the sun.

Basketball in P.E
In PE, we are learning basketball skills, including different types of throwing, catching and dribbling. An enjoyable activity!

Primary 7 Art
We have been trying to recreate Van Gogh’s famous 'Starry Night' painting by drawing different types of lines with crayons. Then, we did a colour wash with watery paint.